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A Village

Title: A Vilage
Author: Mikaiyawa
Pairing(s): none, but is Linde's POV
Rating: Pg
Disclaimer: None of the boys from ANY of these bands belong to me; they belong to themselves, their families, each other and their record company.  None of this ever happened, this is just a depiction based (rather loosely) on their public persona's.

something that could very easily be a Father's Day ficlet..  Falls in the Daddy Verse, but Sebastian is Nine.

LOTS of bands mentioned
69 Eyes (Jussi and Jyryki)
H.I.M. (everyone)
Panik (Linke, Jan and Juri)
Tokio Hotel (Bill)
and JOE (B.J. and Dino)


At first Linde hadn’t really registered the kid beyond making sure he didn’t step on him.  It was a huge festival and the kid was probably the younger brother of some girl come to watch Tokio Hotel.  Given that band had still been playing the guitarist didn’t pay much mind, other than to give security a heads up.

But after he saw the kiddo again, curled up at Gas’s knee and listening with intent concentration to what looked like Gas waxing eloquent about drumming, Linde was thinking again.

Then he saw the kid again, this time nestled between Gas and Jussi and apparently holding his own in a conversation about cymbals and high hats, well then Linde went hunting answers.  After that he realized every time he saw the kid he was curled up with a drummer, sometimes more than one, chattering away at high speed about anything and everything drum.  Seppo shrugged off his concern, Ville gave him a blank look and the rest of the band just giggled at him, but by now Linde was in full irritated parent mode.  If it had been his little girl running wild by god he wanted someone to be concerned about it.

This time when he saw the little mop of blond ringlet curls he went stalking the kid and before the little guy could eel away caught one slim arm.

“And where exactly are your parents?”  Linde knew his tone was sharp, to sharp probably, but the kid froze and stared up at him with wide jade green eyes.  He stared at the child and was stared at in turn for what felt like days but was probably only a few seconds before the boy answered with more poise than Linde had possessed at that age.

“Momma’s up at the sound deck.”  Linde grimaced, what kind of parent let a child run wild at a festival this size.  Then he saw the pass tied to the child’s jeans.  All access staff.

“How did you get this?”  Linde let go of the boys arm and knelt down to catch the pass and hold it up.  The boy blinked at him in confusion, but answered readily.

“Momma, she has one too.”  The boy then reeled off a list of instructions that his absent mother had left him with.  Stay out of the way, don’t touch anything without asking first, helping is okay if you ask first and don’t bother anyone who is set to go on stage, don’t ask for drum lessons if the drummer is playing that day, and so on. Linde felt a headache looming.  The little guy also had a list of people to go to if he needed anything, one of which was Timo on security.

Linde couldn’t help the little bark of laughter when one of the instructions was to not let someone named Jan feed him Red Bull and to not let Bill feed him too many gummy worms.  Then he made the mistake of asking which Bill and gotten looked at like he was an idiot, then the child had pointed and simply said ‘that Bill’, then scampered off leaving Linde staring in shock as the child got swept up into a cuddle by none other than Bill Kaulitz.

Now he really had a headache.


The next day didn’t bring any real clarity to the situation for Linde, though now Midge and Burton shared some of his concern, Ville was still confused as to why a small boy running wild backstage was an issue, but half the time Linde thought Ville was nothing but an overgrown child himself.  And god help them when Bam showed up.

They still hadn’t seen the boy’s mother, just the child with a slender man with long brown hair and an assortment of musicians.  Linde did notice that the Tokio Hotel boys kept an eye out for the child as did another German group he hadn’t gotten the name of even if several of the musicians looked naggingly familiar.  He also liked hanging around Jussi of 69 eyes even if he was a trifle stilted with Jyryki.

Linde yelped and dodged as the little blond went streaking past him yelling ‘B.J.’ over and over.  He watched in bemusement as the former drummer, now current bassist for JOE knelt down to sweep the boy up into a hug.  Linde saw the faint wince on the other mans face when the weight of the boy pulled at his still tender shoulder and saw how the boy was immediately apologetic and willingly let himself be handed off to the new drummer, who looked like he wasn’t quite sure of what to make of the child in his arms.

“Sebastian,” called one of the techs Linde had seen near the boy these last few days.  And Linde was relieved to see the boy answered immediately, but felt lost when the boy answered ‘here momma, with B.J.’ to someone he’d have been willing to bet money was a man.

He stared in confusion as the tech retrieved the child and was introduced to the drummer, and learned the man’s name was Dino and the tech’s Maeve.  She shoed the boy off toward the caterers tent and gave Dino an gentle warning to expect to have the child begging drum lessons any chance he got before settling into an easy conversation with both as they walked after the child toward food.

“You look lost.”

Linde jumped and turned to face the man who had spoken and blinked up at him.

“I am a little,” Linde admitted reluctantly.  “Mikko Lindstrom,” he offered and extended a hand.

“Chris Linke,” the lean black hair man responded giving his hand a firm shake.  “I take it you’re a bit concerned about Sebastian.”  A lopsided smile spread over the taller mans face.  “I’ve seen you watching and chewing your lip to bits, and I’m told you have a little girl so,” Linke shrugged as his voice trailed off.  Linde suddenly felt odd, like he’d been caught doing something nasty, but managed to defend himself.

“He’s very young and shouldn’t be running around alone.” Linde waited and was surprised at the mild nod he collected as they both began heading toward food themselves.

“He’s nine, but he’s small still.  He and Jan commiserate over being short a lot.  If it’s any comfort he hasn’t been nearly as alone as you think.  Sebastian has a large number of honorary uncles running about this year.”  Linke sounded quietly amused.  Linde grimaced, that helped, but not as much as he suspected the other man hoped it would.

“But, shouldn’t he still be in school?”  His little girl was still buried in her schoolwork, and she was younger than this boy.  The grin he got made him uneasy.

“Sebastian is American, and he’s getting private tutoring, so he’s out for this festival.  Well out of regular classes anyway.”  Linke nodded to where the boy was curled up between a laughing Jussi and a tall blond who was playing air drums with a pair of carrot sticks.  “He’ll be begging drum talk and drum lessons from anyone who will put up with it.”  The smile Linke turned on Linde made the blond Finn smile faintly in answer.

“Which is just about everyone who drums here,” Linde observed.

He felt a little better now.


Ville took another drag on his cigarette as he watched Linde practicing, his blond head bent over his guitar.  To his surprise he was another head of soft blond hair leaning into Linde’s side.  Idly Ville snubbed out the cigarette and wandered over.

He knew it was a good thing he wasn't smoking when he watched Linde tuck the guitar into the lap of a much smaller body and settle behind the little blond child who had been causing the guitarist so many headaches lately.  Ville had become used to seeing the child glued to any drummer who was free, but tonight he was curled up with Linde.  Ville felt tears sting at his eyes as he watched Linde patiently help the boy position his fingers of the frets of the guitar and do a set of not to clumsy scales.

Little Olivia was only barely interested in piano, but this boy child was paying close attention to Linde’s soft instructions as he worked.  Ville only just heard Linde ask why he wanted help.  The answer made the tears sting that much more.

The boy missed his father, who played guitar.  No matter how much this boy loved drums he still wanted to be able to make his father proud of him by being competent on his fathers chosen instrument.

Ville slipped away, he needed to call his papa.


Linde was quietly pleased to hear that H.I.M. and Panik would be traveling together for the rest of the summer.  He’d adjusted somewhat to Maeve’s odd parenting style, letting her son stand on his own but always being handy if he needed her, and to the other band being honorary uncles to the child.

Almost a month later he saw his wife and was surprised to hear Sebastian call her ‘aunty Manna’ but later that week after she had gone home he cradled the sleeping boy in his arms and thought about what she’d said.

It takes a village to raise a child.  They were an odd sort of village, and Sebastian was an odd sort of child, but he was happy to be part of the village.

Tags: fandom: panik, fandom: tokio hotel, rating: pg

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